The Art of Collaboration An Interdisciplinary Practice-Led Research Initiative

This research aims to explore the phenomenon of collaboration through a process that is practice-based but also deeply reflective and academically rigorous. Working with outstanding academics and musicians, in a context that is specifically designed around a series of concerts and structured conversations, will provide substantial developmental opportunities for learning for those directly involved but also the wider systems within which each individual operates.

We are living in an age of complexity with increasing opportunities and also new challenges. In his seminal book What got you here won’t get you there Marshall Goldsmith (world renowned educator and author) argues that behavioural skills and not technical expertise is what will make the biggest impact on both human and organisational development now and into the future. These skills are shaped through engaged interaction especially when held across discipline boundaries. Through collaborative dialogue new knowledge and understandings emerge. Faced with an unpredictable future and a volatile present we need to develop greater flexibility through a more holistic approach to human learning. The research proposed is a contemporary response to this new paradigm exploring creative interactions through the lens of academic exploration with emergent distinctions providing new learning that will inform the growth of the individuals and their organisations.

As the project progresses, we will collectively generate audio and visual material for public dissemination, as well as research articles and papers to share new learnings or reaffirm knowledge regarding collaboration.



Director of Research

Project coordinator

  • Marcella Barz      

    Doctoral student DIT



  • Professor Jim Lucy

    Medical Director, St. Patrick's University Hospital, Dublin and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry TCD

  • Dr. Sean Roe

    Lecturer (Education) School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Queens University Belfast.

  • Dr. Cyril Kirwan

    Programme Director, MBS Irish Management Institute, Dublin

  • Killian O’Brien

    Design and Innovation Strategist



  • Mick O’Brien

    Renowned Traditional Musician & Teacher

  • Shayan & Shahab Coohe
    Persian Musicians

  • Ultan O’Brien

    Traditional Musician, Composer & Teacher

  • Seho Lee
    International Pianist, Professor, Vocal Coach & Repetiteur

  • Laoise O’Brien

    Lecturer DIT, Performer, Pedagogue and Producer