Hello, I'm Killian.

In a solution-oriented world, it's easy to lose sight of what the actual problem that we are trying to solve is. I work as a Design and Innovation Strategist to help identify true problems underlying business challenges and build an innovation strategy that is all-inclusive, dynamic and relevant with a view towards business growth and improvement.

Having previously worked as a Design Engineer for the manufacture of medical devices and a Continuous Improvement engineer, I am well versed in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Combining this with a Design Thinking mentality, I work on problems across the entire spectrum ranging from the ambiguous to the well-defined.



I hold an integrated MAI, BAI, BA degree in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering from Trinity College Dublin.

I have completed an Associate Diploma in Graphic Design at Dublin Institute of Design and a Postgraduate in Design for Innovation Strategy at IED Barcelona.


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What is a Design and Innovation Strategy?

Design Thinking provides a toolkit to manage complex and ambiguous problems and identify hidden business opportunities in the form of unmet needs. In today's world, we are working in volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and hyperconnected environments. Design is a holistic process that can be applied at all stages of a business in order to create sustainable business models with in-built flexibility to facilitate business transformation.

Design is a craft. Among other things, craft involves attention to detail, maintenance and for more complex forms, it requires collaboration, co-creation and teamwork. As a design strategist, I seek to embed these principles into all aspects of the business model in order to optimise the business' value propositions.

How does innovation fit in? 

Innovation is a common buzzword these days. If you ask twenty different people to define it, you will probably get twenty different answers. Most definitions will probably include the words "Change" and "Creativity". Innovation is how we adapt to uncertainty and how we reduce it to manageable risk. However, jumpstarting innovation initiatives can be frustrating and imitation of innovation activities that have worked for others often fall flat on their face. Innovation must be defined correctly in line with the vision, goals and customer needs of any business. This is not a fixed definition. As such, it is subjective and should evolve with the business.

Above all, Design and Innovation Strategy is a strategy directed towards identifying real needs, business growth and improvement, sustainability, maximising value creation and, most importantly, the people involved. It is a strategy that considers Design as a vehicle to facilitate and foster innovation that is relevant and responsive to global trends in a rapidly changing world.

My Approach

I focus projects on the human story so that people can connect to a real need, take part in purposeful collaboration with their colleagues and find value in their work. I place a huge emphasis on employee engagement and fulfilment in order to co-create valuable solutions.

I tend to operate in the space where People, Stories and Learning intersect. Learning from people through empathy is one of the most effective ways of gaining new perspectives. With new perspectives comes insight. Listening to the stories of aspects of people's lives provides context to these insights and motivation to solve new challenges.

Stories are how we make sense of reality and so not only do stories help with our own understanding of the world, they help connect us to one another. The narratives that we tell ourselves form our mental models of the world and so challenging mental models by rewriting these narratives can result in an inspiring vision for the future by removing perceived limitations.

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